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More than a removals company, man and van rental service provider:

Use for transporting big or heavy Items.

We send you our most reliable, correct, dependable and experienced Removals, Man With Van – is evolving, it has already evolved into an agency that coordinate and dispatch essential resources for busy people who want to get things done by reliable, accountable and helpful people.

Transfering your personal properties and getting things done.

It offers more than what you might expect from the average removal company, man-and-van service providers like same day couriers or van rental service providers.

It is trying to make life easy for people who get things done within the context of transporting personal properties from one place to another. That includes when travelling a relatively long distance with items that are just too many or too large to fit into a taxi car.

This company has evolved into an agency and will continue to grow for the purpose of getting things done for people who have already travelled outside the UK or still here and active. Many people are using it around the world for estimating the cost and booking the resource they need for transportation.

How does it work?

When transporting your personal property from London or Manchester to anywhere, use this website to get an instant quote and make bookings.

The Careful Removals website works as an agency for responsible and dependable man and van, removal companies and related service providers who partner with us to make life easy for our customers first.

We Started out as Man and Van Removals Company

Careful Removal UK is a website that started life as a man and van, removals company.  The website addresses all the areas we cover in London.

Today The company has evolved again as things continue to change around us. The primary purpose of this website is to serve as a cost estimator that can guarantee that your job will get done as long as you book online using our super secure system.

Same-day Courier,  Airport Runs, Collections and Deliveries Supported only in London (Central) and Greater London.

London and Manchester on the same day booking and all of UK within a couple of days notice and successfully transferred your personal or business properties from various locations in Europe back to anywhere in the UK and away to other fantastic places in Europe.

Use this website for evaluating the cost of collecting items you bought on eBay, Gumtree, from abroad or anywhere else or just for getting things done for your business or personal project.


#For Busy Professionals

People who used us for running errands and hired our resources include professionals, self-employed and business owners who are travelling abroad or already living abroad.


Determined to offer you healthy choices when transporting your business or personal properties:

When you are traveling as a family with excess luggage.

or when you want to collect free things to sell on eBay

or Realized that the cost of switching self storage facility is worth your while.

or for moving, collecting and delivering anything too big or in too much volume to fit in a small car.

 Avoiding stress is made possible by Careful Removals Cost Calculator:

moving house can be very stressful at times. Careful Removals take the stress by dealing with it one removal box at a time. “Careful Removals is the only option for me when I want to put the task in the right hands. They are focused on getting things done.”

Whether you are running a business or personal errands, as long as there are things that need shifting and transferring, you will find Careful Removals to be very helpful.

Making life easy for customers

This Man and Van removals company is competitive on price and offers great value regarding a wide variety of options that are tailored to comply with laws and licencing rules, as well as to make life super easy for our customers 1st.

This Man and Van removals company is competitive on price and offers great value for people with enough personal properties to appreciate a helping hand.
An experienced, careful driver who has received training, verified and accountable to our verified and responsible website.  That person would be committed to looking after your best interest on the date and time you select.
 Please tell us how our associates are doing so that we can continue to deliver a consistently excellent service.

Call +44800 310 2455 to book.

We provide cardboard boxes and protective materials for packing

Show you the best way to seal the boxes or help you with the packing job.

Offer Loading and shifting help with furniture and removal boxes with helpful movers

Placing items carefully in storage, new premises or location of your choice

Packing and Unpacking support by trusted agents if it helps want it done

Specialist services like cleaning and handy people can be booked for you even paid by us.

Call +44800 310 2455 to book.

For the most complete, hands-free and hassle-free service, please book as soon as possible and let our adviser know your requirements, including any budget restrictions so that we can provide you with the package that would work for you.

To make sure you get the best experience when transporting your household furniture and boxes. We have agreed to offer an additional discount of 20% to customers requiring self-storage within central London. Full day and half day projects will also receive 20% discount for the advanced bookings.

About us:

Careful Removals is different from the typical man and van, removal companies or van rental service providers out there. We coordinate experienced, qualified and verified professionals to make life as easy, safe and guaranteed as possible.

Very different from other removal companies or man and van service providers out there.

For the reliable and trustworthy team, we have kept most of our experienced movers for an average of six years. They are always trained to have your corner and respond to the project managers directions.

Our house removals, office removals, removal boxes, packing or man and van team, is all you need for getting things done, please submit your task here, to get started.

With new and diverse options and packages that we have secured for VIP clients only. Our service is tailored to your choices and focused on getting things done to within your reasonable budget.

Find us on Trust Pilot & Google

We acknowledge trust pilot and Google Reviews as they are neutral and trusted sources. All we ask is that you give us your feedback 1st and give us a chance as an agency working first for you and then for our delivery partners not staff.

Trust Pilot Reviews

Cost Price or flexibly cheaper.

We protect your interest and give you as more support and certainty than most individuals, man and van, taxi, van rental or removal companies could ever manage at cost price.

Try our service and tell us what you think. Flexible options can be cheaper but it is not discounted. Up to 20% will be applied for advanced books for daily, weekly or monthly needs.

Making life easier and safer for people. Think of us as the most supportive agency available for getting things done in one single Invoice.

We take the stress out of getting things done with low prices and trustworthy people (verified and responsible people).

Chauffeur Service with one man and van London

We offer fixed price Chauffeuring service by renting you the vehicle and assigning a professional driver with the right skills and experience. A man-and-van is not the perfect chauffeur. We are only using this term to express the fact that you can run your busy errands with a helpful man and van by your side.

Collect, deliver and move mountains with two men and van London

You will get most things shifted and moved where you want them with the power of two men and the right size van if needed.

Careful Removals London

We cover jobs from removals London or back to London. North of UK supported via Manchester Area. Call: +442036707779 For Careful Removals London or Free National Service: +448003102455.

Stressful times are made easier with our positive, can-do attitude.

We understand that long distance driving, inventories, cost-of-service and even end-of-tenancy-cleaning are important to somebody and failure to get things done just isn’t an option in most cases.

That is why we are always working on solutions and proudly support Amethyst Family Foundation and recommend the most secure and accessible self-storage facility providers that have earned our trust.

For haulage or adventures. Our agency supplies flexible workforce that answers to you and only you. We sort out the paperwork and connect you with a reliable driver, inventory clerk or porters and handymen as you need it.

Advanced booking and community member jobs are prioritized where there is no deposit or full details of task in hand.

Community meetups encouraged in London.

Friendships start from somewhere. Book our services and then tell us why you chose us verbally. We love hearing from you because work life is not the same without you. Our happy customer gets to discover what sincere and loyal love feels like when they attend the reunion events we host at the London’s Elephant and Castle Bowling Ally and The Canada Water Area.

Via Manchester we have the north of England covered.

We cover all of the mainland UK via Greater London and Greater Manchester.

Use Careful Removals’ home removals, office removals, self-storage price comparison, removal boxes, packing or man and van service.

For house removals in London or Manchester (UK). Careful Removals’ home removals, office removals, self-storage price comparison, removal boxes, packing or man and van service, is all you need to get things done, please submit your task here, to get started.

Choose Careful Removals Because Our managers have your best interest at heart.

Helping with Furniture & Goods Transportation & provide Moving Services from London and Manchester to Europe and back to locations close to our base. Careful Removals is different from other removal companies and man and van service providers out there. When you need reliability and trustworthy people who are trained to always have their customer’s corner, our house removals, office removals, removal boxes, packing or man and van team, is all you need for getting things done.

Please submit your task here, to get started.

We keep it simple and effective.

We offer affordable packages that suites your need.

We recommend and assist people with Secure Storage.

We help with packing materials and packing boxes.

We Deliver removal boxes free on service day.