House Removals – Moving Service Or Junk Removal

Moving house is often refereed to as removals, hence why this page has been created to address the topic those of you who are looking for one of the following.

Packing and handy man service for house removals

  • Moving and storage services
  • A proper removal company instead of the random man with a van.
  • Household junk or furniture removal services
  • Complete house relocation service.
  • Semi Removals.
  • Man and Van rentals.

The key to getting the standard of service you require is understanding the difference between the three main options (mentioned above) and understanding that their is no perfect choice or answer for every house removal project. You simply need to consider the budget at hand and tell the house removal service provider the whole truth so that he can help you to achieve your budget.

You do not have to tell a stranger everything you have in your house. A good, helpful and reliable removal company should have the experience required in order to accurately estimate how long your job might take.

For House Removals, choosing good people matters really matters. You will know by their attitude and body language.

London removals and house removals London often involves sofas and stair cases when moving flats or city appartments

We understand that change can become very stressful if the people around you are not considerate and effective. At Careful Removals UK, proof of negligence in these areas are taken seriously so let us know if  ever the time occurs when we didn’t meet-up. We stopped using many contractors and independent man and van companies and we bear the brunt of their bad manners so that you don’t have to.

Their duty is to make live as easy for you as possible and be very supportive from start to finish. Careful Removals does exactly that. From the moment you submit your project a project manager calls you back within 24 hours and takes on everything that relates to your house move so that you can focus on other important things like your health, your family, your job and and other personal things our project managers can not control like your electricity, gas and water or telephone line.

Packing and Unpacking

At Careful Removals UK, we believe that moving house is stressful enough. You do not have to send a long list of inventory or spend more time being interrogated  by none committed sales people who do not show half of the care and support you would get form a dedicated project manager at Careful removals.

When you are ready to go ahead with the move, we will make life easier for you by offering the flowing:

  • You get a service provider with the positive can do attitude that makes life easy for you when you already have several other things to deal with.
  • We have three very experienced and dedicated project managers are always ready to put in the effort when unexpected changes happen as long as you have agreed to pay them for the work.
  • Careful Removals offers you a flexible support to accommodate the frequently unexpected changes and delays life throws at all of us, especial when moving house.

We have a dedicated team to assist home removal projects.

  • When you are renovating, moving house, clearing out junks, selling or buying a new house.
  • You might want to move some things around or evacuate the property on time for new residents or ownerships.
  • The whole process, at some point could become stressful and daunting if you were to do it alone.
  • We provide you with a big van and man power to do all the heavy lifting and support you.
  • Packing and storage support is available .
  • Handyman is also available for advanced bookings.

We cover the whole of UK and Deliver to EU Member states only. From our homes in London, Manchester and Seaford we support run a modest and robust removal company that works.

Feel free to meet our honest, genuine and humble project managers at their homes if it makes you feel better. We have nothing to hide and we take pride in conducting business in a sustainable and trust worthy manner. Staying small and strong keeps the business going and guarantees our long term survival.