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Tips for Preparing Your Property for Sale in East Dulwich. This is a guest post from an active blogger who have mentioned the company featured bellow:

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Tips for Preparing Your Property for Sale in East Dulwich

Just like us, any property could develop cracks and groans.  It is quite important to keep a track on the minor issues that develop when you decide to sell your home.

If that property for-sale in East-Dulwich has too many issues that clearly require some work and attention. Addressing the problem to a reasonable level will make life easier for you when you are trying to sell it. Trying to hide the problems is likely they will cause greater issues in the end.  At some point, the buyers will find out through asking questions. Surveys and legislation require that you disclose it.


It is better to be upfront as well as honest about it, this will also save your time. Plus the buyers can make the process easier for you when they trust you.

It may be tempting to hope that all the issues you know about should not be spotted. But, being upfront is the way is always going to recommend. So try to be upfront. The trick to getting the best sales is to put up a property on the market that has no significant issues.


De-clutter your house to make it look spacious.

Now that you are selling your house. you have to de-clutter! Make sure that you do not leave your laundry out and about. Try not to have the bathroom towels on the floor or leave the kitchen messed up.

If you have children, keep away their toys. When potential viewers walk into your property, the last thing you would want is an accident. Imagine, they falling over any one of your toy cars. Also consider showcasing your property at its best.  You can put up some flowers. Make the entire house smell pleasant and highlight the best features on display. No one will want to walk right into an untidy house, but one that is clean, de-cluttered and appears neat.


Property sales in London is not cheap! Safe and accessible areas like East Dulwich will always have a a good and exited buyer waiting. But try to be flexible.

You need to ensure that buyers buy your property. Experts at Fish-Need-Water comment that:

“We understand. Most people work round the clock and have hectic lifestyles. This is why we also take the viewing stage on your behalf.”


The best tip here is to trust your estate agents and seek their guidance and take advice at every step of the way for the perfect deal.


Market Your Property as well as possible.

Another common mistake to avoid. try to make sure that you keep the right questions in hand. Since your property is a valuable asset to you, getting a wrong sale can prove costly. Your rights should not be limited when you ask your agents those important questions. Try to base your questions on what you wish to achieve, if it works for you to be open about your plans. For Example:

  • You wish to sell your house within a particular time-scale at the best price.
  • You want them to access a wider range of potential buyers.
  • Wish to Appoint an expert and experienced person to handle it.

At the same time, you will be sure that you receive some good customer service
You want them to use the latest online exposure and traditional methods.


Get the Best Valuation for your property.

When you choose your estate agent, try to play down some facts about previous valuations that were higher.

As we always advise at, honesty is good for trust-building and goodwill. That said, believe:

“You do something that will not destroy trust. You simply want your agents to price the property well enough to meet your target sales price. “

Of-course. you can keep track on other house prices and ask your agents to think about the price based on the survey. But remember that many agents want to agents and property developers would want to make a quick sale.


Before You Sell Your The Home.

Right before you sell the house, you also have to look around the space with a critical eye. Try to consider the neutral neutral and current standards that your potential customer might expect.

Try to walk into every room and scan every corner. In addition, you should pay attention to the exterior of your home.


London, United Kingdom
Selling your property in London is a job that requires patience, of course, the right guidance as well.  You are encouraged to take your time.

Good research and good use of tips detailed here are a good starting point. comments are very much welcomed. 

The valuation of the house you are trying to sell  is a different matter. Surveyors and Estate grants will help you through the valuation process to get you a suitable bargain.


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