Havering (London) – Removal Boxes, Man, Van & House Moving Services

Havering Removals is a term used to define the moving services provided within the Havering areas of London. If you are looking for removal companies that serve the Havering area then you have found the right removal company, Careful Removals UK’s moving services starts from 100 miles around London including areas within the Havering borough, we serve the Havering area and deliver to most of Europe.

Here are the list of services delivered:

  • House removals Havering
  • Office removals in Havering
  • Furniture removals in Havering
  • Junk Removal Services Havering
  • Havering Recycle Services
  • Havering Business relocation

Havering Borough: A Great Place to Live.

Havering is one of the most popular boroughs of East London and it is a part of Outer London. Romford is the main town found here and other important areas include Rainham, Upminster and Hornchurch. It is a borough that forms the perfect mix of wide, open spaces and urban development. Romford is known popularly as a nighttime entertainment centre and major urban spot. To its south, Havering expends all the way down to the Thames Gateway.


The borough of Brexley borders it to the south as does the Thames River. Redbridge, Barking and Essex all surround Havering.

Main Attractions

Romford is particularly famous for its nighttime entertainment and retail district. In fact, it has one of the highest concentrations of bars, nightclubs and casinos in London. Transport is also very easy form here and there are a number of links that connect it other parts of the City. Since visitors form a major part of the revenue for this borough, it is imperative that all modes of transport are kept perfectly functioning. Some of the major attractions here include:

1. Queen’s Theatre: This venue is well known for providing some of the most amazing professional and amateur productions. Plays, music shows, art festivals and a variety of other cultural evens are held here on a regular basis.

2. Romford Market: This open commercial space is home to all kinds of shops and businesses. You will find retail stores, clothing outlets, bars, nightclubs and casinos here.

3. Hornchurch County Park: Havering is also very famous fits open spaces and huge parks. One of the most popular ones is the Hornchurch County Park. It is an excellent place for a family picnic or for just some relaxing time.

4. The Diver: One of London’s most famous public sculptures, this beautiful work is found at Rainham, on the banks of the river Thames. It was created as an ode to all working-class people who have worked in difficult situations.

Industry and Job Prospects

Havering is one of the commerce hubs of London and there are more than 7,000 established businesses here. Romford is the main business spot with a number of shops and offices. Many factories and steel plants are found to the south between Rainham and the Thames. The light industry was a flourishing business but has declined in recent years. The London Development Agency has actively encouraged businesses in the southern parts of the borough. There have been many steps taken by the institution to this effect, the most notable being the opening of the Centre for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence. Havering has always been famous as an area that sparks the entrepreneurial spirit.

Public Transport:

Havering is very well connected to all areas of London. The Underground runs through the middle of the borough in an East-West direction. There are also a number of London buses that ply through the towns here. More facilities for transport are coming up in the south side of the region.

Havering borough is one of the most sought after residences in London. It is a great place to live that has ample avenues for entertainment, business, leisure and education.