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Lewisham Removals is a term used to define the moving services provided within the Lewisham areas of London. If you are looking for removal companies that serve the Lewisham area then you have found the right removal company, Careful Removals UK’s moving services starts from 100 miles around London including areas within the Lewisham borough, we serve the Lewisham area and deliver to most of Europe.

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Lewisham Borough – All you need to know. written by: Nemesis_tech Lewisham Borough is a borough based off south east of London, England. It consist of settlements in Lewisham and the nearby areas, governed by the Lewisham London Borough Council. The prime meridian, which forms the basis for Greenwich mean time passes directly through Lewisham. The borough is surrounded by Boroughs of Greenwich, Bromley and Southwark to the east, south and west respectively. Major landmarks in the locality include All Saints Church, stadium of Millwall F.C “The Den”, Sydenham’s German Church, and the Citibank Tower of Lewisham.

The Borough forms a major transport hub with railway lines connecting important areas in eastern and southern London. It also has various major and minor roads connecting it to Eltham, Bromley, and beyond. While Lewisham is not connected through the Tube, the administration has plans on extending the Bakerloo line to reach Lewisham and Hayes. The Lewisham London Borough Council has also introduced Cycle Superhighways to promote transport using bicycles which in turn helps the environment.

Lewisham was generally known for fashionable suburbs and wealthy merchants during 17th to 19th century. The large ancestral houses and architecture reflect the wealth and regal atmosphere of the past in the suburbs of Lewisham, especially Blackheath. It is one of the major suburbs in the borough and is known for its fine restaurants, stylish shops, cozy restaurants while giving off a village-like feel at the same time. Greenwich park, a popular destination for kite flyers on Sundays, neighbors the Blackheath suburb. Lewisham Borough has a variety of tourist attractions which include Horniman Museum and aquarium, St. Paul’s Deptford and the Art Exchange Reminiscence center.

The Horniman Museum consists of various specimens and artifacts collected by Victorian era tea trader, Frederick John Horniman. The collection, consisting of various items from natural history, cultural artifacts and musical instruments, has outgrown the display capacity over the years and thus are displayed in rotation. The Horniman aquarium, adjourning the museum, has a variety of marine exhibits, and hosts music concerts from time to time. The nearby Horniman Gardens, a 16 acre park filled with variety of flora and a mix of natural and formal landscape, is also worth visiting. The Baroque style Church of St Paul in Deptford has recently been restored and is worth visiting.

The Art Exchange Reminiscence center is a small museum which aptly depicts the daily life between 1920s to 1940s. An old fashioned shop, resembling a general store in 1930s is set up so that exhibits can be handled. The exhibits are changed regularly depicting various aspects in social history from the time period. The borough is also home to the club Millwall F.C who have their stadium “The Den” in New cross Area.

Being a transport hub in a metropolitan, Lewisham happens to host business events from time to time. The resident population are known to be friendly and welcoming. The countryside atmosphere makes the place more inviting and cozy. The Thames Rivers runs across the northern section of Lewisham and gives a perfect opportunity to relax and capture some treasured moments with loved ones.