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Tower Hamlets Removals is a term used to define the moving services provided within the Tower Hamlets areas of London. If you are looking for removal companies that serve the Tower Hamlets area then you have found the right removal company, Careful Removals UK’s moving services starts from 100 miles around London including areas within the Tower Hamlets borough, we serve the Tower Hamlets area and deliver to most of Europe.

Here are the list of services delivered:

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  • Furniture removals in Tower Hamlets
  • Junk Removal Services Tower Hamlets
  • Tower Hamlets Recycle Services
  • Tower Hamlets Business relocation

A review of the Tower Hamlets London borough

For those who may perhaps be not in the know Tower Hamlets happens to be one of the 12 inner boroughs of London. It is located East of the city and in the Northern direction of the Thames. In essence, this region is situated at the heart of the capital’s East End, and derives its name from the famous Tower of London, which is located within its boundary confines.

Best views of London

Tower Hamlets undoubtedly offers some of the very best vantage points in the whole city, two of which are upraised high walkways that rise 140 feet above the Thames. The East walkway provides magnificent views of the Docklands and the mesmerizing Canary Wharf. While the West walkway can be the ideal spot to contrast the different architectural styles of the GLA building, the Big Ben, Tower of London as well as the London Eye.

The White Tower

Tower Hamlets is dominated by the White Tower, which was erected in the 11th century and currently houses the crown jewels, the yeoman warders, the royal amouries and the universally acclaimed ravens.

Top attractions in Tower Hamlets

This London borough has 1525 streets that feature over 1565 venues. Which include 516 popular restaurants, 166 attractions, 410 shops ,169 clubs and pubs and 108 leisure venues. Tower Hamlets also has more than a hundred parks and open spaces, including the Victoria park and Mile End Park that are separated by a canal. . Some of the popular attractions in this inner London borough include the Museum of London Docklands, Queen Elizabeth Olympic park, the White building, Tower of London and the WhiteChapel gallery. One of the top events in this area of London is the Tower Bridge exhibition that showcases 100 years of the bridge’s intriguing history

Canary Wharf & Isle of dogs

Canary Wharf is home to many global or European banks and professional services business establishments like Barclays, Credit Suisse, J.P Morgan, Citigroup and plenty more others. Additionally, the isle of dogs located on the South of this borough consists of many of the tallest buildings in London. This includes One Canada Square (the 2nd tallest in this city), HSBC tower and One Churchill Place.

The Tower Hamlets London borough council

Local government services in this area are provided by the Tower Hamlets London borough council, which is based in the town hall that is located at Mulberry Place, 5 Clove Crescent. As of 2013 this area had an estimated population of 272,890 that featured the highest concentration of ethnic minority population among all 32 London boroughs.

Shopping opportunities

There are diverse shopping opportunities in Tower Hamlets which boasts of a multitude of street markets including the famous Sunday flower market that can be found at Columbia Road.

Transportation in Tower Hamlets

When it comes to transportation, Tower Hamlets is served by the A12 and A13, which both start from Aldgate. There are two tunnels in this area; the Blackwall and Rotherhithe tunnels, that permit motorists to travel in both directions beneath the Thames. The main rail services in this London borough start at Fenchurch street with stops at LimeHouse and Liverpool street. The London lines pass from the North to South of Tower Hamlets with stations at Sladwell, Wapping and WhiteChapel. This borough is also served by 3 underground services; the Hammersmith & city lines, the Central line and the jubilee line. The latter of which has only one stop at Canary Wharf. The most popular transportation means Tower Hamlets residents utilize to commute to work are the underground, the light rail, bus, coach, respectively.