Recommended Services

Why we need recommended services? When It comes to efficient and hassle free removals, we both know that things are not always straight forward in all circumstances and everybody’s needs are principally the same but our tastes in furniture, decorations, electronics and living space can be very different.  That is precisely why Careful Removals UK as made the effort and is still committed to working with people who can help us to deliver that stress-free removal service we simply live for.


Now you can get priority bookings and even get a hands-free all inclusive invoice for the following service.

  • Handyman – They will make sure that your precious carpets, wall units and kitchen is moved successfully and even re-install it for you at the new location
  • Secure Storage –  We proudly handle all the paperwork and bookings for you then pass on everything you need when you want your 24/7 access.
  • Spring Cleaning – End of tenancy and general cleaning support allows our partners to get in there straight after us and clean up.
  • Gas & Plumber – This specialists are very efficient and quick usually we recommend you invite our partners to have a look before your moving day.