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Although the City of London is not technically a borough, it has been included here for information purposes as this highly congested area requires special attention when planning a removals project.

The City is the smallest county in England, yet the 4th most densely populated, which obviously has a big impact on removals, however, most City of London homes are smaller apartments and the majority of residents are of the single professional, or single academic variety, meaning that smaller removals are required most of the time.

For more about The City area of London and local resources that relates with Careful Removals in The City of London, please follow the links above:

As we have had good experience in dealing with the following companies and stores within the City of London we proudly recommend them here on our website:

  • Safestore UK has a self storage branch in Pentonville Road, you can contact the The City’s Self storage company on 0207278 3399.  The branch is said to be perfect for Islington area due to its close proximity to the A501 and the Positive Image Studio. The store is also a walking distance  from Angel, Kings Cross and reasonable access to Charing Cross. careful-removals-main.fw
  • Alphabet City – Letting Agents:
    Alphabet City lettings, estate & property management, the agency serves Canary Wharf and London Docklands, close to the region of London known as “The City”
  • Hamilton Brooks described as a London Estate Agency that operates in The City area of London, they offer property sales, property consultancy and Lettings for EC4, EC3, EC2 and EC1. More about the Niche Estate Agency:

City of London Removals

People in The City Area of  London can free up space by using the Pentonville Self storage solution provided by Safestore UK a company we are currently proud to recommend. When you find a bigger space or more appropriate working or living space you can call on our removal service team to come to you and get things moving.