Rewards For Helping Us

Because no organisation can exist without paying customers. Please accept our gratitude for visiting this website and even considering this offer.

#2 ways to get our already competitively priced services for even less:

  1. Become eligible for our £100 friendly circle reward by recommending us via Google Reviews

  2. Search our website for your area specific discount code (Search box is on the right or bottom of this page.)

#40 Accountable and reliable drivers available to work for you.

We love getting things done. We also love helping people and getting paid work in the process is a very fulfilling experience.

That is why we have structured Careful Removals as an agency. Instead of making our staff consistent and love the job as we do. We work with them and serve them as very important business associates who understands that looking after your best interest is the most important thing that keeps our relationship with them solid.

By booking and paying via this website. You are guaranteed to have the best experience with regards to clean van, polite and helpful people even if you booked a self-loading option.