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Change your self storage provider to save money or get away from that damp smell or pest infection & get 40% Discount. 20% off your new self storage or 40%off the cost of transporting you valuables. Compare storage prices with Book your self storage – comparison website.

Self storage prices and cost comparison website boo your self storage .com

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The self storage discounts from Careful Removals is for all home and business user. It is not limited to residents of the UK and Europe alone.

Save money and cut the cost of self storage.

All business clients from around the world who want to control costs by switching a self storage service provider can get up to 40% discount on the cost of transfers if your storage cost exceeds £100 and you want to achieve one or all of the following benefits:

  • Save money on long term storage and save more than £600 a year.
  • Place your valuables in a pest free and dry location – avoid repetitive problems.
  • Find and use the self storage company that makes like easier for you and cut out the stressful part
  • Options to let our trust worthy and reliable project coordinators handle all the paperwork and post it to you.

You could go on an holiday or go shopping with the savings you will get by switching your self storage service provider. Even if it was for a short term storage for your home improvement or relocation process.

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For Self Storage, Careful Removals on works with the people’s favourite self storage companies.

Only the self storage companies that combine  effective technology and offer great customer support are approved and recommended by Careful Removals.

We treat each individual branches according to their own merits to make sure the standards, support and pricing are not biased rather competitive and apropriate.

Careful Removals offers  incentives for business and household customers looking for self storage solutions.The security of your valuables and your full control over the access to that unit are very important priority for us. Please see bellow the list of available resources for self storage customer:

  • Partner Storage rooms options available, range from  Square foot (sf ft) 10 to 400.
  • Industrial units and  Larger warehouse space are available for you to rent.
  • All long term storage users get up to 40% discount off their transportation cost.