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You have reserved the ideal date and time for the task at hand.

Please print the top reference number or payment confirmation. This page also proofs that you are aware of our refund policy and terms of service.


What will happen next?

Admin team will review your needs and follow up appropriately.  That process can take up to 10 in most cases. 

Free Customer support line: 0800 310 2455.

Terms of Service


100% Money Back – Terms: 

There will be no problems. If unexpected and unavoidable setbacks do arise and we fail to resolve it within a 4 hours window we will give refund appropriately for service charges but not for products like packing materials or partner resources like secure storage or completed tasks that has already been fulfilled.


Immediate refund are eligible and guaranteed before the job starts:

Although 99% of our customers are satisfied. Customers will receive full refund for products and services that has not been dispatched or processed. Please see our process time slots and cancellation procedure.

Extra cost

The customer adviser and the outdoor agent are encouraged to avoid going over budget.

To help us prevent stressfull situations that makes additional billing nessessary, please try to book more time than you will need or special discount will not be applied to time spent on the job under that contentious situation.

Customer and  Job Verification

Your ID, proof of address and the above payment status are the legally required documents unless stated otherwise by the General Operations Manager.


Verifications can only be done through appointed ambassadors who a forbiden from taking a copy of that ID.


Help us to get it right:

Please click here to furnish us with more details regarding the job we have accepted. We will acknowledge and follow-up immediately or within the scheduled time you choose.