Terms & Condition of Service

Listed below are terms of which are to help avoid any misconception between customers and Careful Removals. Please have a read and let us know of any questions which you may have.

1. Unless stated the quote which the customer has been given excludes the cost of additional materials, storage, inspections or any possible other inclusions identified in the strive to get things done on your behalf. Therefore the price of your order can alter according to your usage, requirements and expectations as they are met. For example, items that need special packing, heavy goods like piano, fish tanks and safes can cause delay to completion of a project and cause additional resources to be employed in your interest, that extra cost of resources and time are added to the total bill.

2. The customer pays any parking fines.

3. Fuel charges may be applied to long distance projects.

4. Items can be recycled or taken to a waste centre at the request of the customer at standard service rates plus the additional cost chargeable by the specialised waste and junk recycle service provider that has been identified as most suitable or appropriate for your needs.

5. Each job is required to be at least 4 hours due to the specialised nature of our services.

6. Payment is required to be paid up front if possible using pay-pal and the balance is required on completion of the project.

7. Arrival times are kept as best as possible. However, unforeseen circumstances can cause delays. We encourage you and our delivery team to allow a slack time of 30 minutes before and after the agreed time to reduce the stress and anxiety that bad scheduling or delays caused by traffic can have both the customer and the delivery team.

8. Any electrical and mechanical damage – Careful Removals is not automatically liable for it unless proven that it is due to be damaged due to the movers. In most cases, our team are well trained to handle all items with care and respect for their surrounding. Having moved thousands of electrical items and furniture, we confidently reassure you that your valuables are certainly in good and careful hands.

9. Any items packed by the customer which gets scratched, dented, chipped, torn or broken, Careful Removals are not liable for it.

10. Careful Removals should not be blamed for incidents that were not witnessed by the agent or representative that we refer to you.

11. Customers responsibilities:

11.1 To have rights and ownership or approval to move the items that you are hiring us to transfer.

11.2 Providing clear instructions and access to building, property or work site.

11.3 Do not leave items you do not wish to be moved with the collection items as staff working with a sense of urgency would naturally group them together unless an obvious indicator is in place.

11.4 Responsibility for unattended goods can only be taken where a sufficient number of human resources are hired for the projects.

11.5 Careful Removals will not take responsibility for any loss, damage or additional expense, have not taken on the responsibilities.

11.6 Having extra insurance if needed.

11.7. Keeping an eye out for hazard and risks is a collaborative process where busy workers will benefit from polite assistance with door handling and advice of unseen obstructions or fragile or sensitive things like wet walls, flimsy materials and loose items that would otherwise be assumed as secured.

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