Man and Van

The term Man and Van is used to by many people looking for a quick and efficient, usually short notice support from a removal companies like Careful Removals UK or general man with small van that can be found here and there.

Man and Van Hire instead of Self Drive Van Rental.

Usually most people are simply looking for van and helpful driver that would cost a lot less and take out the hassle of renting a self drive van rental which requires so many stressful tasks, paperwork, proof of ID, deposits, collections, and delivery of the vehicle, mileage charges, accident cover, insurance charges, petrol cost, travel cost to the van sites and most stressful of all is the lonely aspect of not having someone there to assist with the body straining task of lifting and shifting things around. Text 07951824479 or call us on 02032901225 to get the support you want on budget (we like to help).

Strong Men & Big Vans Available

small van hire for students Luton Van hire for families, men and women. Commercial Van hire & Movers

We deliver big van hire and small van hire to your door and provide helpful drivers and movers as you see fit for:

Man and Van Rental Services by Careful Removals London takes zero deposit. For relocation and distribution of furniture or large items. Careful Removals’s man and van service offers a budget and flexible deal for business and home users. They deliver big and small vans to your door and provide helpful drivers and movers to fit your budget.

Special Offers – discounts & cash bask on fairly priced packages.

Whatever the circumstances, Careful Removals London‘s Man & Van Hiring team are always happy to deliver the right size vehicle and provide as much man power as you need provided we are given appropriate notice.

Notice times.Service Options.Van and Product Options.Special Offers.
2 hours1 Driver & Standard Vans.Luton Box Van.Full Price.
+ ½ Day Notice.2 Men & Van.Small Van.£5.00 Cash Back.
+1 Day notice.3 Men and Van.Big / Small Van.£5.00 Cash Back.
+1 Day notice.Removals to Storage.Big / Small Van.£5.00 Cash Back.
+3 Days notice.+3 Extra Manpower.7.5 tonne truck.£5.00 Cash Back.
+3 Days notice.Packing service.Packing Materials.£5.00 Cash Back.
+3 Days notice.Delivered Products.Removal Boxes£5.00 Cash Back.
+3 Days notice.Handy Man Service.Any van and Man.£5.00 Cash Back.
+7 Days Notice.Anything you want.7.5 Tonnes.£10.00 Cash Back.

Strong Men & Big Vans Available

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